Gabriel Eschbach manages ACE Finance & Conseil, which is a brokerage firm for insurance and financial products that he created in 2002. He started his career in 1985 as a financial analyst and fund manager for insurance companies. Then in 1990, he became chief financial officer (CFO).

Gabriel participated to the creation and management of a brokerage company. He developed a network of financial advisors to distribute financial products and life-insurance contracts.

With his associates, he created a group of consulting firms to accompany firm managers and individual investors in the wealth management. "With us only for you" is our approach of the client relationship.

Gabriel Eschbach got the ESSEC Wealth management Certificate and the ESSEC Advanced Wealth management Certificate. He also got a diploma in wealth management from Clermont-Ferrand university and a master in Economics and Management from Strasbourg university. He also won the fund management challenge organized by Franklin Templeton Investments.

Gabriel Eschbach participated to ESSEC Wealth management book with two contributions: "Du B to B au B to C" and "Ne dites pas à ma mère que je suis CIF, elle me croît pianiste dans..."


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