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Gabriel Eschbach, CEO and founder of ACE Finance & Conseil

ACE Finance & Conseil opened its doors in 2002 in the Alsatian capital. Gabriel Eschbach has kept on breathing his experience and expertise in the firm that specialised in wealth management, real estate asset management and financial investments in order to offer its clients the best solutions according to their specific situations.

A prestigious careerpath

  • ESSEC prestigious certifications: “The fundamentals of wealth Management” and “Expert in wealth management”
  • Post-graduate degree in wealth Management at Clermont-Ferrand University
  • Master in economics and management at Strasbourg University
  • Laureate of the Portfolio Management Challenge organised by Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Member of MEDEF
  • Member and partner of IFRI
  • Partner and sponsor of the Simtrade competition co-organised with ESSEC
  • Member of the elected industrial tribunal of Strasbourg

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For us, customer relationship is the main pillar of wealth management

Before running ACE Finance & Conseil, Gabriel Eschbach built himself a solid expertise in finance as he worked for various international financial institutions. In 1985, he began his career as a financial analyst and portfolio manager for a big insurance company. Then, he was involved in the creation and the development of a brokerage firm where he became deputy general manager. He developed there a vast network of wealth managers and financial advisors to whom he sold financial products and services such as savings or life insurance products, etc…

Moreover, he created with his partners some consulting firms which were dedicated to advisory in order to provide guidance and piece of advice to managers and individual investors. « With us, only for you » is the approach Gabriel Eschbach wishes to breathe in the relationships with his clients.

A certified Wealth Management firm

As an expert advisor and wealth manager Gabriel Eschbach has all the official required certifications to audit, advise and accompany his clients (CIF – Financial Investment Advisor certification, life insurance certification, IOBSP, “Carte de transaction immobilière”, CJA –“Code de justice administrative”).

Gabriel Eschbach - Conseil en Investissement Financier et Immobilier